Message Bus Security

Decision-Zone provides dzAudit tool-sets to integrate autonomous cybersecurity applications into IT and OT platforms to detect zero day threats in real time on the message bus - " A non-signature based solution"





Active Cyber Defense

Current cyber security products and approaches provide only passive, static and indirect cyber defense. They look for malware code in network packets and host computer file systems, not active executing malware. Malware executes by sending messages on communication buses. An active, dynamic and direct cyber defense solution must audit input/output messages on communication buses for anomalies.

Deep Message Inspection

DMI recognizes message deviations from business logic for detecting active executing malware, insider compromise, device defects or administrative errors on communication buses. Business logic defines the order of operations or workflow steps and rules among people and applications. The defense industry has recognized a major security flaw in their weapon systems and is planning to implement message bus security.

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Information Technology (IT) 

Where - Data Centre / Cloud

Why - Anti-fraud/ Laundering, Indicators of System Compromise, Operational Assurance


Operational Technology (OT)

Where - Industrial Control Systems / Devices

Why - Safety, Security, Production Assurance


Helping to protect personal health information and to avoid fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare.

Helping financial institutions protect data, prevent fraud and comply with regulations.

Helping protect critical infrastructure and delivering solutions which help protect and enhance critical assets.

helping government and defense agencies achieve cyber hardening and resiliency initiatives.

Evolution of Mission Assurance

In Terms of System Exception/Correction Rate Inclusive of Malware/Insider Attacks 




Enterprise Assurance