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Business Logic Discovery

Automated learning and recognition of business logic on the message bus

business logic verification 2

Business Logic Security

Detects deviations from business logic on the message bus

business logic discovery

Business Logic Automation

Automating Operator State Machines

Tech Specs

+ Software

J2EE compliant and runs on any JVM platform, Rapide Pattern Language grafted into JAVA


Netbeans/Eclipse integrated development environment

+ Models


+ Adapters

JCA compliant(Information Builders Inc.), JMS, JDBC, email, MQ, RV, HTTP, SOA, JMX, File, CVS, SNMP, VOPI, etc.

+ Modules

Logic Verification, Pattern Matching, Logic Discovery, SLA, Behavior, Anomaly Dashboard, Transaction Performance, Transaction Re-sequencer, Transaction Generator and Simulator

+ Tools

Deployment, Compiler, UML/BPEL Import Utility, UAT Simulator, Event Wizard, NOC JMX Console, Machine Learning Dashboard

+ Performance

  • Over 106 message inspections per second
  • Dual Core with 16 GB server = up to 100,000 message inspections

+ Server

Unix, Linux, Windows

+ Load Balance